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Butterfly Garden Design

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This garden design incorporates a variety of annual and perennial plants attractive to butterflies. It’s perfect for a sunny area of your yard. You can design to your tastes as well as those of the butterflies by selecting plants from the lists below.

Also reference the Dundee Fact Sheet “Installing a Planting Bed”.

Butterfly Garden Design Diagram
"A"                                                                  "B"
Plant these areas with annuals such as:          Choose one variety:
Zinnias         Border Dahlias                               Centaurea montana (Mt. Bluet)
Alyssum        Ageratum                                      Eryngium (Sea Holly)
Lantana        Petunias                                        
Dianthus       Heliotrope

"C"                                                                  "D"
Choose one variety:                                         Choose one variety:
Hemerocallis (Daylily)                                         Eupatorium (Joe-Pye Weed)
Sedum spectabilis variety                                   Helenium (Sneezeweed)

"E"                                                                 "F"
Choose one variety:                                       Choose one variety:
Phlox divaricata variety                                    Dianthus deltoides variety
Phlox other low-growing variety                         Doronicum (Leopard's Bane)
Sedum - mid-sized variety                                Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun'

"G"                                                                 "H"
Choose one variety:                                          Tall Delphinium variety
Echinacea (Coneflower)
Monarda (Bee Balm)                                         "I"
Rudbeckia                                                       Choose one variety:
                                                                       Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed)
                                                                       Campanula glomerata


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