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Christmas Tree Selection and Care

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Christmas Tree

There are several different kinds of Christmas trees to choose from, each having a different style and texture. See the listings below for attributes of the various types of trees.

Select a fresh tree. Check the condition of the needles by gently bending them. Needles on a fresh tree should bend rather than snap. Also check for needle retention by shaking the tree. If needles on the outermost branches fall off in great numbers, the tree may not be fresh. It is normal for evergreen trees to shed some of their inner needles every year. Inner brown needles are not necessarily a sign of a dry tree but are the result of a normal process.

Keep your tree outside, away from wind and sun, until you are ready to decorate. After the tree has been brought inside and allowed to warm for several hours, make a fresh, straight cut across the bottom of the trunk, taking at least 1” off. This allows the trunk to take up water. Immediately put the tree in water and consistently water the tree while it is in the house. If the water level drops below the fresh cut, it will seal over and a new cut will have to be made. Check the water level at least once a day - a tree can easily take up as much as a gallon of water every day. A tree stand that holds a gallon of water or more is recommended.

When decorating a Christmas tree, check all electrical lights and connections. Replace lights that are worn or frayed and never use lighted candles on a tree. Keep the tree away from fireplaces, radiators, television sets, and other heat sources. Unplug the lights whenever you leave home or go to bed.

Consider placing the tree outside after the holidays. It provides cover for birds and can be made into a bird feeder by tying suet and/or peanut butter smeared pine cones in the branches.

BALSAM FIR: Short needle, traditional tree with good fragrance and very
good needle retention.

CANAAN FIR: Short needle tree with very good needle retention. More
fragrant than Fraser. Strong branches and straight trunk.

FRASER FIR: Short needle, traditional tree with very dark, bluish-green
needles. Very good needle retention.

WHITE PINE: Long needle tree with very soft texture and good needle

SCOTCH PINE: Medium length needles. A traditional tree with very good
needle retention.



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