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Controlling Apple Scab

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-Use a fungicide that lists Scab on the label.
-Follow mixing directions on the label.
-Use a sprayer that is recommended for spraying trees   up to 25-30’ tall. Avoid using a sprayer that requires   the use of a ladder.
-Do not spray on windy, hot days.
-Only spray to the point of drip.
-Spray when temperatures are above 45 degrees.

Start spraying in late April before the leaves emerge. (Buds will have a pink tinge to them.)

Spray again 7-10 days after the first spray (just before the flowers start to open).

Do not spray during flower bloom. This can kill the bees which pollinate the flowers.

Apply a third spray when flower petal drop is 3/4 completed.

Continue spraying at 7-10 day intervals until mid-late June. (A total of about 6 times.)

Spraying can cease when warmer and dryer weather becomes the norm.


-Rake up and dispose of fallen leaves during the growing season. (These leaves may reinfect the tree).
-Prune the tree to increase light penetration and air movement through the canopy.
-Prune out crossing branches and dead wood.
-Rake up and dispose of leaves in the fall when the tree is bare.


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