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Dundee sells sod in 1 1/2 square yard rolls. These rolls measure 2’ wide x 6’9” long. Each roll will cover 13.5 square feet. Some companies sell sod in different size rolls (a 1 yd. roll would cover 9 square feet.)


This chart shows coverage for newly seeded lawns. If you are just overseeding, double the square footage.

Grass Seed Coverage Chart


If you wanted to install a 6’ diameter circle around a newly planted tree, how much rock and vinyl edging would you need?

To figure the edging, find the circumference of the circle.
Take the diameter (6’) and multiply by 3.14 (pi). 6’ x 3.14 = 18.84’ of edging.

To determine the amount of rock you would need, find the area of the circle.
Take 3.14 (pi) times the radius squared. The radius is half the diameter (3’).
3 squared is 9 (3x3). So, 3.14 x 9 = 28.26 square feet.
Under ROCK MULCH below, you will see that a 1/2 cubic foot bag of rock covers 2 square feet at 3” deep, so you will need about 14 bags of rock.


Rock is usually purchased in bulk, in a measurement called a cubic yard (3’ wide x 3’ long x 3’ high). Sometimes rock is sold in tons (a cubic yard weighs about 1 1/3 tons). Find the square footage of the area you want to cover (length x width = square feet). Determine how deep you want the rock to be - 3” is usually about right. To decide how many cubic yards you need, visualize a cubic yard - 9 square feet, 36” deep. Cut it horizontally in half and you have 18 sq. ft., 18” deep. Cut that horizontally into 6 equal slabs and you have 108 sq. ft, 3” deep. A cubic yard covers 108 sq. ft., 3” deep. See the chart for other measurements.

Rock Mulch Coverage Chart

Dundee also sells rock in 1/2 cubic foot bags. These cover about 2 square feet at 3 deep. 54 bags equal 1 cubic yard.


Organic mulch is commonly sold in 3 cubic foot bags. See the chart below for bark. Small, Medium, and Large refer to the size of the bark chunk. The numbers in the columns refer to how many square feet each cubic foot bag will cover. A * in a column indicates that size is unsuitable for use at that depth. Use the numbers for small bark when figuring for wood chips, cypress, or shredded hardwood.

Organic Mulch Coverage Chart


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