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5 Simple Rules for Spruce Tip Planters

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5 Simple Rules for Spruce Tip Planters            Print This Sheet

Spruce Tip Planter

1) Take a good look at what you have in your yard.

Hydrangeas, Crabapple, Birch, and Dogwood make great additions to a spruce tip planter. Do you have an open field near you? Look for Cinnamon Fern and milkweed pods. Don’t forget to ask before cutting!

If you do not have access to additions like these, we sell Dogwood, Curly Willow, Birch branches, and other items to go along with our huge selection of fresh bough bundles and spruce tips.

2) Make sure your pottery can be outside.

Glazed and terra cotta pottery may not be the best choice for spruce tip planters because they may crack in cold weather. We sell products such as Ironstone, Euro-Cast, and cast iron that can withstand the cold days Minnesota brings us. Even a nice cedar planter or Austram planter can be a unique way to show of your spruce tip masterpiece through winterís cold. These type of containers can be used year-round; as annual planters in the spring and spruce tip planters in the winter.

3) Judging how a spruce tip planter should look.

Stick with simple geometry. Conical shapes work great since spruce tips are usually conically shaped themselves. Mixing long needled boughs into your design adds texture to your planter. As long as you have a simple shape with a mixture of texture and color, your planter is going to be wonderful!

4) Do not be afraid to be creative.

Add lights, old ornaments, pine cones, popcorn on a string, and even silk stems! Putting these items into the mix makes this your unique creation. There is no wrong way to add things. If you like it, put it in and have fun!

5) Remember to water!!!

Spruce tip planters are just like Christmas trees. Make fresh cuts when adding them to your planter. When it’s warm out, the stems will take up water. Your planters need to be watered until the dirt is frozen in the pot. After that, they are maintenance free and sure to delight you all winter!

Use our Fact Sheet "Spruce Tip Planters" to calculate how many spruce tips and boughs to purchase when creating your planters.


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