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Strawberry Varieties

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(Annapolis x Glooscap)(Patent #11,110)
Cavendish produces high yields and has good resistance to red stele, a fungal disease which is problematic for strawberries. Exceptional winter hardiness. Berries are quite large and excellent for all uses. A new variety you may want to try in your plantings.


(Fairland x Midland x Redglow x Surecrop)
Earliglow is the earliest producer. Medium sized berries are considered by many to be among the best flavored strawberries. As the season goes on the berries produced will be smaller, but the flavor will stay consistent. A favorite in the Midwest.


(Vibrant x Holiday)
Honeoye produces incredible yields. Fruits are large, firm, and a beautiful red color all the way through. Great for pies. Very winter hardy. As the season progresses Honeoye holds its size better than other varieties. Make sure the soil drains well to get the most out of these strawberries. Planting in lighter soils will produce the best flavor and aid in prevention of disease. Raised beds also help this variety with disease prevention.


(MNSU 248)(Patented)
Mesabi is a recently released variety for Northern gardeners. Red all the way through, the berries are large and firm with terrific flavor. Very winter hardy. Plants show great resistance to disease and root rot. Try adding this new variety to your strawberry patch.



(EB18 x MdUS4258)
Tribute produces fruits that are firm and of medium to large size. It is one of the more popular day neutral varieties. A reliable fruit producer. It is resistant to red stele (a fungal disease that is problematic for strawberries) and verticillium wilt. The first year after planting Tribute will produce the most in the late summer to early fall. In subsequent years, the heaviest crop will be in the spring. Plant with Tristar to have a continuous harvest of strawberries.


(EB18 x MdU4258)
Tristar is an early producer of small to medium sized berries. Very flavorful fruits are great for desserts. Greatest yields in the spring. Fall peak is a bit earlier than Tribute. Plant with Tristar to have a continuous harvest of strawberries. Another variety resistant to red stele and verticillium wilt. Works well in hanging baskets or patio containers!


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