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Sunny Corner Garden Design

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Sunny Corner Garden Design                  Print This Sheet


This plan for a sunny corner garden combines annuals, perennials, and shrubs. Select the plants you enjoy from the categories listed below to create a garden uniquely yours.

Also reference the Dundee Fact Sheet “Installing a Planting Bed”.

Sunny Corner Garden Design Diagram
"A"                                                                  "B"
Choose one variety:                                        Choose one variety:
Delphinium elatum variety                                 Hemerocallis variety (Daylily)
Iris (Tall bearded variety)                                  Sedum variety 2-3' tall
Liatris spicata (Spike Gayfeather)                      Sedum spectabilis 'Autumn Joy'
Lily (any standard variety-not pixie)

"C"                                                                  "D"
Choose one variety:                                         Choose one variety:
Armeria maritima variety                                  Aster 'Purple Dome'
Campanula carpatica variety                              Gaillardia 'Gallo Orange'
Leucanthemum 'Snowcap'                                   Gaillardia 'Gallo Peach'

"E"                                                                  "F"
Plant this area with annuals such as:              Choose one variety:
Wave Petunias                                                 Papaver 'Picotee' (Poppy)
Alyssum                                                           Papaver 'Patty's Plum' (Poppy)
Border Dahlias                                                  Phlox maculata variety
Verbena                                                            Physostegia 'Pink Manners'

"G"                                                                  "H"
Choose one variety:                                        Choose one variety:
Artemisia 'Silver Mound'                                    Rose 'Champlain'
Fescue 'Boulder Blue'                                          Rose 'Nearly Wild'
                                                                        Rose 'Winnipeg Parks'
                                                                        Spirea 'Japanese White'


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